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Workmans Comp Lawyer in Fayetteville

Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Fayetteville, AR

Getting injured at work can be painful in more ways than one. In addition to the physical aspect of the injury or illness, there can be tremendous emotional stress, too. Concerns about losing a job, paying medical expenses, and permanent disability can result in anxiety-filled days and sleepless nights.

When an injury or illness happens as a result of your job or work-related activities, never assume your employer and their insurance company will do what’s in your best interest. Instead, choose a workers’ compensation attorney that works to get the best settlement possible for your situation.

Third-Party Claims

Sometimes, your injury might not have been caused by your workplace or a coworker. Third-party injuries are due to faulty equipment or contractors who are not company employees. In these circumstances, you would be entitled to compensation from the third party that was responsible for your injury.

What Is Covered Under Workers’ Compensation?

Both lost wages and medical expenses are eligible for coverage under workers’ compensation.

The medical expenses eligible for compensation are quite comprehensive and include the following:

  • Visits to healthcare providers
  • Hospital bills
  • Surgery and pre-surgical care
  • Physical therapy and other rehabilitative treatments
  • Medical devices, including a wheelchair, crutches, a walker, a neck brace, etc.
  • Prescription medication

In Arkansas, it’s important to note that most businesses are required to have workers’ compensation insurance to protect their employees when they sustain a workplace injury, but there are exceptions. For example, companies with fewer than three employees do not need to carry workers’ comp insurance.

Agricultural employees, domestic employees, and independent contractors are often ineligible as well. However, to determine if you are entitled to benefits, contact us today for a free consultation.

Types of Injuries Covered by Workers’ Compensation

Any illness or injury that is connected to your job may be covered by workers’ compensation. This can even include something that happened outside of the office, as well as cumulative trauma, like a repetitive stress injury.

The list of injuries and illnesses covered by workers’ compensation is as follows:

  • Physical injuries such as back, knee, neck, shoulder, burns, disfigurement, and more
  • Repetitive motion and overuse injuries
  • Occupational illnesses, including contracting a disease
  • Pre-existing conditions that became aggravated by your workplace
  • Hearing loss
  • Stress-related injuries
  • Fatalities

It’s important to note that your injuries could be covered even if you were at fault or your employer did nothing wrong. Because workers’ comp is a no-fault system, it doesn’t matter if you acted carelessly or did something incorrectly that led to your injury. There are exceptions if you deliberately inflicted the injury on yourself or if you sustained the injury while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

How Do I Get Benefits Under Arkansas’ Workers’ Compensation Program?

To make the process of collecting workers’ compensation benefits go more smoothly, it’s essential to follow a series of recommended steps to ensure coverage and a swift payout.

First, make sure that you report your injury to your employer immediately. Document and provide as much information as possible, including the date, time, and precisely what happened.

Then, you’ll likely be given instructions to see a doctor that’s been recommended by your employer or their insurance carrier. Even if you have a physician that you’d prefer to see instead, follow the instructions that you receive. Failure to comply with your employer’s specific request could jeopardize your case.

If your claim is approved, you can expect to receive compensation within 14 days. If, however, there is an unfavorable outcome or there’s been a mistake or misunderstanding somewhere during the process, your attorney will contact your employer and/or the insurance carrier. If a preliminary phone call doesn’t resolve the issue, then mediation may be required. And, if that doesn’t yield a satisfactory outcome, then your attorney could file a Claim for Compensation, called a Form C (AR-C) with the Arkansas Workers Compensation Commission (AWCC).

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