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Workmans Comp Lawyer in Russellville

Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Russellville, AR

At best, a workplace injury is an inconvenience. When the injury or illness is severe, it can also be a traumatic time for both you and your family. In addition to extreme pain and discomfort, you’re also worried about how to make ends meet, how to pay your medical bills, and how you’ll continue in your profession after your recovery.

Workers’ compensation is specifically designed to protect the rights and security of employees across the United States, but the system can be complicated and cumbersome.

To ensure you get the compensation you’re owed in a timely manner, it can be helpful to work with an experienced workers’ comp attorney. Get in touch with Walker & Harp today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Types of Injuries Covered by Workers’ Compensation

With few exceptions, any injury or illness related to your workplace that requires medical treatment is covered by workers’ compensation. This includes:

  • Physical injuries – Broken bones, sprains, loss of limbs, eye injuries, disfigurement, burns, scarring, spinal cord injuries, joint and connective tissue injuries, and more
  • Repetitive motion injuries – carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle, tendon, and ligament injuries, and nerve damage
  • Mental health conditions - symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression that are directly linked to the workplace
  • Occupational illnesses – cancer, heart disease, loss of hearing or vision, mesothelioma, and others
  • Death – dependent survivors are eligible to receive benefits, depending on the workers’ compensation coverage.

What is Covered Under Workers’ Compensation?

The aim of workers’ compensation is to help employees who sustained a workplace injury recover physically and financially. There are limitations to what is provided, which is why it’s essential to discuss your case with an experienced workers’ comp attorney.

In general, you should expect to receive the following benefits (when applicable):

  • Medical coverage – Any medical care you need should be 100% covered. You do not have to pay any out-of-pocket expenses for doctor visits, hospital care, prescription medication, physical therapy, medical equipment or devices, surgery, or any other medical treatments.
  • Disability – Depending on the extent of your injury and the designated recovery time, you are eligible to receive a portion of your salary, tax-free. These payments may be temporary or permanent, depending on your case.
  • Vocational rehabilitation – If your workplace injury prevents you from returning to your original occupation, then workers’ comp insurance will pay for training so that you can learn a new skill.
  • Death benefits – A spouse and children who are minors may receive financial support if the worker was killed on the job.

Third-Party Claims

In addition to filing a claim for workers’ compensation, you may be eligible to file a third-party claim. These claims arise when someone other than your employer or a coworker was involved in your injury. Examples include faulty equipment, a contractor or other person not affiliated with the company causing your injury, and a variety of different circumstances.

For example, if your company is renting an office, and you become ill due to a chemical that was used in the construction of the building, then the building’s developer may be liable for your injuries. Another example is when a faulty piece of machinery used in the manufacturing process causes an injury.

In addition to receiving medical care and lost wages from workers’ compensation insurance, a third-party claim could result in you receiving additional compensation in the form of pain and suffering and punitive damages.

How Do I Get Benefits Under Arkansas’ Workers’ Compensation Program?

To receive benefits under Arkansas’ workers’ compensation program, your employer must report your injury to their workers’ comp insurance carrier. In Arkansas, this process begins when your employer files a First Report of Injury or Illness.

For the process to be set in motion, it is imperative that you report your workplace injury immediately. Provide as much detail as possible about the incident, including the date, time, place, and all relevant circumstances.

After your employer files the report, you’ll be asked to see a doctor of your employer’s choosing. Compliance at every stage in the process increases your chances of a speedy settlement; however, if you have concerns at any step, get in touch with an attorney immediately.

About Russellville, AR

Russellville is one of the most beautifully scenic cities in Arkansas, if not the entire country. Located in the heart of the River Valley, Russellville is also home to Arkansas Tech University, an array of local businesses, and a variety of industries that keep the economy healthy. It is our mission to ensure the health of all of Russellville’s citizens, and we’ve been dedicated to this mission for more than 40 years!

Protect Your Rights

Workers’ compensation can be a complicated system where insurance companies strive to pay as little as possible. Protect what’s yours by working with an experienced workers’ comp attorney. With over 40 years of experience and a track record of success, lawyers are Walker & Harp will work relentlessly to ensure a speedy financial recovery for and your family.

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